Golden Gate Fertility Centre.

Welcome to Golden Gate Fertility Centre online. Here we use natural herbal medication to build up your reproductive system and regulate your endocrine system, to improve the quality of the sperms and eggs, ensuring the best pregnancy and a beautiful delivery. Over the past 30 years we have helped more than 1500 couples to conceive beautifully and deliver successfully. Our goal and purpose is to help our patient to have the best pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Golden Gate Fertility Centre is a the only fertility centre in Malaysia using the combination of high tech western medical diagnosis method and traditional chinese medical theory to confirm diagnosis and find the root couse of the problem, yet using 100% herbal medication with no side effects to improve fertility. We specialize in treating couples with infertility problems (such as difficulty in conceiving, recurring miscarriages, low sperm quality, irregular menses ect) using pure chinese medication and acupuncture.

Golden Gate Fertility Centre is led by Dr. Khoo Mow Song & Dr. Lai Kok Yong, both are highly qualified doctors with extensive clinical experience and outstanding academic credentials. Regarded among the respected fertility specialists in Chinese medicine in Malaysia, both Dr. Khoo and Dr. Lai have been actively providing fertility treatments for more than 30 years and have developed a successful specialist infertility treatment based entirely on natural methods. Golden Gate Fertility Centre is dedicated to provide excellent and professional fertility treatment.

30 Years of Experienced
1500 Happy Parents