Our Patients Says About Us

We have been infertile for 3 years trying for many method but still failed. With the help of Dr. Khoo, we conceived on the 6 months. Thank you Dr. Khoo!

Mr & Mrs Tan

Natural treatment is the best way to cure infertility, after 3 months of therapy, I was pregnant with a baby boy. Thank You Dr. Khoo & Dr. Lai.

Ms Hua

Thank you Dr Khoo, you help us to achieve our goal: baby, joy, happiness and a complete and perfect marriage life , once again thank you very much! If you need help please WhatsApp Dr Khoo 0123658478, he will help you to fulfill your dream.

Hi Everybody, After marriage for 3 years without children, we came to Golden Gate Fertility Centre for treatments. We manage to conceived a baby boy in 5 months. Thank you very much to Golden Gate Fertility Centre.

Lee Kah Heng

hi...i just deliver my little boy in Apr 2013, thus we wan to share our happiness to all. We would like to thanks Dr Khoo n Dr Lai, thanks for ur help. We use more than 1 year for treatment - actuall when we take treatment for few months but not success then i had think to give up, but finally i didn't do that. So we success. I want to share is we need time for treatment and be patient, don't easily to give up. Success is in front of u, u just need to step by step to achieve success. For those who haven't success, please keep going on, will success one day. For those who want to try, please faster try, maybe u r the lucky one can get baby in 2-3 months after treatment.

Shy Yun